Easy Analytics

** EDIT – 02/08/13 **
I just committed a complete overhaul of my Easy Analytics plugin. It was in dire need of it and I am far happier with it. It is class based now with proper localization techniques, and a much better looking (albeit simple) interface. If you have it installed already, thanks and you should get the notification soon. If not, download it here.


** EDIT – 12/12/11**

I have just committed a slightly updated version of the plugin to the repository to allow for localization.

This is a very simple plug-in that allows any WordPress user to add the Google Analytics tracking code snippet to their site.

All you have to do is install the plugin, activate it and enter your UA-XXXXX number. It will output the snippet just before the </body> tag of your site.

For custom themes, be sure you call the wp_footer() function in your footer file as this plugin utilizes it to insert the code.

Download it here

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