Hello 2011

So 2011 is now upon us. I am very excited for all the things that are coming my way. Watching my little girl’s first year of life would top that list of course. I want to wish you all the best in ’11 and hopefully one day, someone will actually read this blog o’ mine.


DVD Authoring and Adobe Encore

I am in the middle of working on a DVD for a client and there was a conversation about creating a Blu Ray disc as well.
So I did a little research and discovered that DVD Studio Pro does not author Blu Ray, only HD DVD. Well after a couple of clicks I found Adobe Encore and was simply amazed how easy it was to get building.
If you’re not familiar with it, Encore is Adobe’s DVD/Blu Ray authoring software and in my opinion is so easy to use you feel stupid for thinking that making a DVD was difficult at all.

I have some experience with creating DVD’s with custom menus in DVD Studio Pro and found the process to be not well documented.

The thing that I really love about the Adobe suites are how integrated the different programs are. In the case of Encore all the built in menu are built in Photoshop and there is even a button on the tool bar to edit the menu I Photoshop. That makes it so easy to edit a menu and learn the process on the go with the only prerequisites being knowledge of Photoshop and knowing the the naming conventions for creating buttons and replacement layers etc.

This next part is theoretical as I haven’t gone though this yet but it looks like I can create a Blu Ray disc and by simply changing a setting can use the same project to create a DVD. I would assume that the media would have to be transcoded to the correct size but Encore will take care of that for you. (please note that I haven’t taken into account the massive storage differences between the media so the content may have to change to accommodate)

The only hiccup in the process at this point is that I can’t burn Blu Ray discs on my Mac at home. I have been looking into the cost of a burner and they don’t seem that costly. If anyone has any experience with any particular models please let me know.

I’m working on a few personal projects to get more familiar with Encore and the overall process so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Keep your content up to date!

I was looking around on Facebook today and after about 6 random links ended up on a website for a local marketing/media broker company. I was looking through the links that I assumed were portfolio examples and low and behold there were 2 links to sites I had created.

My first reaction was to get really angry and annoyed that this person would try and take credit for my work. Then I looked at the date of the last post on the site – February 2009 – and I calmed down a bit. I realized that if the person hadn’t updated their web page for almost 2 years that they links they posted on the site have not been checked in at least that amount of time if not longer – and I had worked on those projects within the last 2 years.

Why am I sharing this riveting story you ask? Well it’s because it reinforces something that I tell all of my clients who want to get into the space of blogging, social media and having a website in general. The Golden Rule of content.

Always keep your content up to date and relevant

I left the website thinking “it’s not a big deal, no one probably goes there anyway”. That’s not good, especially if it’s your business website. Not having traffic is one thing but having old, outdated content should not be a reason to lose traffic.

That’s my 2 cents anyway.

A Touch of Class

As you can tell by the horribly cheesy name of this post, this one is about classes in AS3.

For me the move to AS3 also meant the move to doing everything in class files as opposed to writing it in the on a frame of the timeline.

This was very confusing and difficult for me as I was not only learning the new syntax of AS3 but also was thrown head first into event life cycle, display list issues and other things that come along with writing classes and class packages. Stuff that I had never dealt with before (or at least didn’t know I was dealing with it).

This will be the first in a series of posts on classes in Flash and I will be learning as much as you do I’m sure. So here we go.

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Site is up

I have tried the blog thing a couple of times without success. I’m just too busy and really no one reads this stuff anyway. I figure since I am paying for this server this time it’ll stick … maybe.

So here is my site. RyanWelcher.com. Enjoy.