Preload This!

Creating a Preloader in AS3 Creating a preloader in AS3 is pretty straight forward and really should be used any time your pulling resources into an SWF at runtime and yes I know the title is stupid.

Keep your content up to date!

I was looking around on Facebook today and after about 6 random links ended up on a website for a local marketing/media broker company. I was looking through the links that I assumed were portfolio examples and low and behold there were 2 links to sites I had created. My first reaction was to get […]

What the Function!?

Functions (aka methods) are the bread and butter of any application. Without them you can’t do much of anything. So I thought I would show you how to write one.

A Touch of Class

As you can tell by the horribly cheesy name of this post, this one is about classes in AS3. For me the move to AS3 also meant the move to doing everything in class files as opposed to writing it in the on a frame of the timeline. This was very confusing and difficult for […]

Site is up

I have tried the blog thing a couple of times without success. I’m just too busy and really no one reads this stuff anyway. I figure since I am paying for this server this time it’ll stick … maybe. So here is my site. Enjoy. Ryan