Weak Listeners

Garbage collection can be a big deal when writing complex programs in Actionscript. Not removing EventListeners is probably one of the biggest sources of AS holding onto memory it doesn’t need. There is a very easy way to allow GC to handle your event listener clean-up for you when creating a new event listener – […]

Castfire AS3 Library

I have been developing an AS3 library for the video publishing company Castfire on my own for the past little while and recently got in touch with them about continuing the endeavor. I thought it was a shot in the dark but they were more than willing to help out and so here is the […]

WordPress Functions

I found a fantastic article on some great default functions for your functions.php file. They’re not all for every occasion but a great place to start. I pulled out the Google Analytics one in favour of my plugin Easy Analytics but that’s just my preference.

The Pharma Hack

This is a sneaky little WordPress hack that replaces your page title with an ad for pharmaceutical products. The best part (and the reason you may not see it right away) is that you don’t see it on your site, the new page titles only appear in search engine results.

WordPress and Flash

Typically we have always created Flash sites from scratch and used XML or, in the case of Rush.com, a custom-made CMS as the content source For the bulk of our clients having a custom-made CMS doesn’t work with their budget so we are left with XML. This is a great option for simple updates or […]

Compiler Error 1203

I ran into this one last night while working on the new site for RockfordGrill.com. I have to admit this one stumped me and I had to do a whole bunch of digging around to figure it out. Once I discovered the issue, it made perfect sense but at the time (about 1:30 am) I […]

Runtime Error 2048

This is one that has nailed me a couple of times. It is a Sandbox Security violation error which means that one of your SWF’s tried to access a file from a different url – which is a big no-no in flash.