Going Somewhere?

Opening a URL in Action Script 3 Navigating to a URL in AS 2 was pretty straight forward. getURL(“http://www.ryanwelcher.com”); As with most things in AS3 that has changed a fair amount. It is no longer one line of code. I’ll show you everything and then walk you through it


So the first thing you may have noticed is that everything in AS2 that had an underscore in front of it no longer does in AS3. That is a MAJOR issues for all of us lazy coders that just want to copy and paste old AS 2 code into an AS3 document – it will […]

Buttons and Events

If you’re like me you probably never used Event Listeners in AS2. Not unless you needed to do something “crazy” (insert sarcasm here at how amateur I was then, I’m only slightly less amateur now but that’s besides the point) Well AS3 is all about Event Listeners, well Events actually. Actionscript is an Event based […]

Keep your hand where I can see it.

Using the Hand Cursor on a button In AS2 we took for granted that when we assigned a mouse event (onRelease, onPress, onRollOut etc) to a movie clip Flash by default would change the cursor from the arrow to the hand when the user interacted with that movie clip. In AS3 that is no longer […]