The Collection Agency

Another WordPress theme development project. This was a fun project which some unique challenges. The great layout was done by the very talented Luke Despatie

3 Jewels in my Crown

3 Jewels in my Crown was a very fun WordPress theme to work on. It features many different custom image sizes based on a Featured Image and does all of the resizing work for the user. One really great feature is the ability to select certain posts as “Featured’ by using a custom taxonomy I […]


This was a very fun project to work on. In response to many video parodies and tributes found online, Les Stroud tasked me with creating this portal for people to share either videos they created or found online. I did all the artwork and programming on this project which included a custom built content management […]

Les Stroud Beyond Survival

This is the official website for Les Stroud’s newest television series: Les Stroud Beyond Survival. The artwork was created by Luke Despatie & The Design Firm and I provided all the development for the project which included the creation of a Flash-based custom video player. Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript 3

Les Stroud Official Website

As the resident “web guy” for Les Stroud Productions, I was tasked with maintaining and improving upon the flagship website for Les Stroud. Built on WordPress this site has seen many changes since I started working on it and is a great example of a “working” site. Many website are built and then left alone […]

The Design Firm

I just competed work on a WordPress theme for Luke Despatie & The Design Firm based on the very clean and elegant artwork provided by Luke. The theme itself has all the regular functionality you would expect of a WordPress theme with the addition of being able to update the full screen home page image […]

Easy Analytics

** EDIT – 02/08/13 ** I just committed a complete overhaul of my Easy Analytics plugin. It was in dire need of it and I am far happier with it. It is class based now with proper localization techniques, and a much better looking (albeit simple) interface. If you have it installed already, thanks and […]