Bye bye ActionScript

So I’ve decided to retire the Action Script section of my website. I don’t really work with Flash all that much anymore and to be honest, I’m getting quite rusty at it. The posts will still be available but I won’t be adding anymore moving forward.


I have been creating a code base for a Screen Manager system that I am using for an iOS app I am building in AS3. I wanted to create a dynamic way to reference and instantiate classes that represent each of the Screens in the app so I can reuse this for other applications in […]

Weak Listeners

Garbage collection can be a big deal when writing complex programs in Actionscript. Not removing EventListeners is probably one of the biggest sources of AS holding onto memory it doesn’t need. There is a very easy way to allow GC to handle your event listener clean-up for you when creating a new event listener – […]

Les Stroud Beyond Survival

This is the official website for Les Stroud’s newest television series: Les Stroud Beyond Survival. The artwork was created by Luke Despatie & The Design Firm and I provided all the development for the project which included the creation of a Flash-based custom video player. Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript 3

Les Stroud Official Website

As the resident “web guy” for Les Stroud Productions, I was tasked with maintaining and improving upon the flagship website for Les Stroud. Built on WordPress this site has seen many changes since I started working on it and is a great example of a “working” site. Many website are built and then left alone […]

What the Function!?

Functions (aka methods) are the bread and butter of any application. Without them you can’t do much of anything. So I thought I would show you how to write one.

Getter ready, get Setter, Go!

I am loving the stupid names I’ve been using for these posts. Pretty soon you’ll have no idea what I am talking about. In my last post, I showed you have to create a new class and the topic of access modifiers was mentioned. I would like to expand on that topic and use it […]

Going Somewhere?

Opening a URL in Action Script 3 Navigating to a URL in AS 2 was pretty straight forward. getURL(“”); As with most things in AS3 that has changed a fair amount. It is no longer one line of code. I’ll show you everything and then walk you through it